Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Charles Shaw White Zinfandel

Charles Shaw White Zinfandel
I've been waiting for April so that I could post this wine. Now those who know me understand that I take my wine very seriously. A perfect wine for me has to take into account many attributes, all of which I wrote about before on my Sandalyn Estate Shiraz post.  So I won't bore you with the details, but read that and you'll understand my passion.

So once you are aware of how serious I am about wine you'll understand the confusion that goes through my friends and family's minds when I open a bottle of Charles Shaw White Zin and exclaim, "It's Pink! And so yummy at only $2.99 a bottle!! And it's Pink!".

I've exclaimed this many a time and I feel no shame. I LOVE THIS WINE. It has no depth, no flavour definition, no finish, and it's youthful to the point that it was probably picked and bottled the month before it got shipped to stores, but the colour! Oh the colour! It is truly pink perfection.

This wine is simply an easy going, highly drinkable, spring/summer treat. It's sweet, light and slightly crisp due to weak but modest acidity levels. The best part about this wine is that you can sip this all summers-eve long. But be careful as the alchohol content at 11% is quite high for such an easy drinking wine; it can easily creep up on you.

Besides the extreme lack of depth this wine has, the only other downside I can see is that it doesn't pair well with most foods because, once again, the flavours are so light and sweet. But besides that, this is a perfect fair-weather wine that has the bonus of being a rose. This is why I chose it for my April Wine of the Month... this white zin will perfectly match any easter/springtime decor!