Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Door Cellars 2007 Pinot Noir

Red Door Cellars 2007 Pinot Noir
When I first started this blog I thought that I'd have more wine review posts than food posts. Boy was I wrong. My lifestyle has changed since February. Shawn and I have been training hard for Bend's annual Pole Pedal Paddle race and I've found that the fitter I've become, the less alcohol I drink. I just don't seem to like drinking a glass of red while cooking dinner any more. Ice water with lemon is much more appealing. So as you can see my wine posts are just barely once a month now instead of one a week like I had hoped.

I think a change is in the air however. The race was last weekend and we did super awesome. Although we've already started training again for next year, our pace will slow down a bit. We are also getting married next week and I foresee many celebratory gatherings in the future. I've also re-discovered white wine and I've fallen hard for it...sorry red! All of these things (I hope) mean more opportunities for drinking and reviewing some excellent bottles of vino.

Now enough with the excuses and on to the review!

Willamette Valley Pinot's are world renown for their excellence. I've done a tasting tour of the Willamette and I would agree with that statement. However...they originally were not my favourite. When Shawn and I were looking to enter into the wine industry I did ALOT of tasting and learned to (as best as I could) objectively judge a particular wine, removing my personal preferences from the glass, so to speak. We needed wines that most people would enjoy, not just me. And just because I like a wine, doesn't mean its a particularly good wine. (Case in point - Charles Shaw White Zinfandel)

So when I say Willamette Pinot's are not my favourite, then that most definitely does not mean that they are bad. Willamette Pinots have light, floral quality to them that California Pinot's lack. California Pinots are rich, powerful and very fruit forward. Basically the opposite of a Willamette Pinot. I used to ADORE California Pinot's. But that was when I liked my red wine bold. Now my taste buds have mellowed out for the time being and I'm rediscovering Willamette Pinots.

We bought this bottle of Red Door Cellars, 2007 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir last summer. I pulled it out to celebrate our Pole Pedal Paddle result; I was looking for something different and refreshing.

This wine hit the mark.

Red Door Cellars 2007 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Tasting Notes:

Bouquet: Light, slightly weak. I really had to get my nose in the glass. It presents immediately with a classic Pinot Noir bouquet of red berries and Willamette Valley floral notes. I'm a little rusty right now and I had trouble specifically distinguishing the different aromas. Vanilla was present probably from the oak barrel aging process.

Taste: Smooth with low acidity levels. The taste is true to its varietal and has mellow, oaky undertones. This is a lighter, more easy drinking Pinot, very classic Willamette Valley which lacks the fruit forward boldness characteristic of California Pinot Noirs.

Colour: Deep raspberry. Opacity is semi-young; the colour fades to a brownish red to clear along the edges.

Score: 88%