Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Griffin Creek 2008 Merlot

Me and merlot have not always got along.

In fact we were enemies for quite awhile.

I WOULD NOT drink merlot. I thought it to be a dated, unbalanced, dominating and far too acidic varietal.

Over time I've been introduced to well aged merlots from Appalachians that are known for their merlot growing capabilities and I have begun to let down my guard. I still will probably never purchase a bottle of the stuff but I will now consume it when a wine knowledgeable vintner or friend recommends a bottle.

Shawn was raised in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, a region now known for hot weather varietals like merlot and Spanish tempranillo. It was at Del Rio Vineyards in the Rogue Valley where last summer I drank a good bottle of merlot. A few weeks ago our wine savvy friends invited us over to drink a bottle they received through their Willamette Valley Vineyards Wine Club. It was a bottle of 2008 Griffin Creek Merlot, made with grapes from the Rogue Valley.

It was a lovely bottle. The kind of wine that goes great with a robust meal or by the fire on a cool high-desert June evening being sipped all night long...

Griffin Creek 2008 Rogue Valley Merlot
Tasting Notes:

Bouquet: It grows on you. At first you are blasted with that typical Merlot aroma. But keep your nose in there for awhile because as it breathes you start to pick up cherry, vanilla and black pepper.

Taste: The wine tasted pretty much as expected meaning I tasted what I could smell; cherry, vanilla, and black pepper. It had medium tannins and a surprisingly mellow acidity. There was a slight metallic aftertaste on the roof of my mouth.

Overall: This is a heavy, bold, fruit forward wine and I recommend letting it breathe in order to let the flavours become separated and more pronounced. This wine would become more drinkable and structured with longer cellaring.