Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Review and Beer of the Month

10 Barrel Brewing Company
Amazingly yummy Pineapple Beer from 10 Barrel
So my husband and I along with our friends, finally made it to 10 Barrel Brewing Company.

My first reaction was, "Wow this is an awesome building!" The pub has large garage-type doors that were opened out onto a patio just as large, if not larger than the interior. The patio was stocked with a giant fire pit in the middle. The theme was urban with a rustic alpine edge. It was so Bend :)

My second reaction was "OMG it's soooooo busy!" The pub was PACKED! It was a Friday evening, but still, with so many brew pubs here in Bend it was like everyone decided to skip downtown and head to the west side.

Hubby managed to snag us a table outside in little time and our server was prompt with the menus and knowledgeable about the beers on tap. It was so busy that day that unfortunately 2 of their taps were sold out. One being a nitro (poor Shawn!) but there were lots of others to choose from.

I chose a fresh crushed pineapple infused brew. I LOVED it! It smelled like pineapple and tasted like pineapple. A truly unique beer perfect for beating the mid-summer heat!

The food was also great. I had a tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich on foccacia. It was so good that I would have eaten two! Shawn had a turkey pesto sandwich he said it was exceptional. Our friends loved their food as well. I didn't like the shoestring fries they serve.  It was like the potato was fried out of existence. This is odd for me. I rarely get fries because they are so unhealthy so when I do order them I devour them. Next time I'll fork out the extra 2 bucks for a side salad. Shawn really liked the fries so it might just be a matter of taste and not quality.

Overall we really loved 10 Barrel. The unfortunate lack of Happy Hour and the expensive pints ($6.00*) will keep us from being regulars. But we will definitely be back with friends, family and for special night outs.

*update: 10 Barrel has $4.00 standard taps all day. The pineapple IPA I chose was from their "Big Handle" series which cost $6.00 a pint.

10 Barrel Brewing Company
1135 NW Galveston, Bend OR 97701