Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites
We are all about bananas in this household. We buy on average 8 bunches of bananas a month. This past month was higher...we bought 10 bunches!!

Why do we buy soooooo many bananas you ask? Well I use them for breads, muffins, cakes, granola bars, ice cream, smoothies, sorbets, and Banana Bites... Shawn's favourite treat. We also work-out a lot and we like to load up on potassium to keep our muscles in good condition. So bananas are incredibly multi-purpose, healthy, and when you buy them at Costco they are dirt cheap. I just wait for all those bunches to ripen then I slice them up into rounds about 1/2 an inch thick and a freeze them. Once frozen they can keep for a long time, way longer than it would ever take you to use them up. For using them in your baking just thaw desired amount of bananas in the microwave and they mash up super easy. Use them in their frozen form for smoothies, ice cream, sorbets and of course Banana Bites. 

In our freezer at any given time we will have 4 large tupperware containers containing frozen bananas...2 containers of Banana Bites and 2 containers of naked sliced bananas. :-)

What are these Banana Bites I keep mentioning? Well they are frozen pieces of banana covered in a chocolate coating and topped with a few peanuts. They are a cool, refreshing, bite-sized treat that is a healthy alternative to those chocolate covered ice-cream bars that ooze fat and calories. The banana flavor is not very pronounced in these. When you bite into frozen banana the flavor and texture is akin to vanilla ice cream. Not exactly vanilla ice cream, but almost! 

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

  • 1 bunch of bananas, cut into 1/2 inch or smaller pieces (too thick and these treats are hard to bite into), and frozen on a wax paper lined baking sheet
  • 2 cups of chocolate chips
  • 1 heaping tbsp of smooth peanut butter
  • peanuts, almonds, etc for garnish
  1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper
  2. Heat up the chocolate chips and peanut butter in a sauce pan on low heat. Sir until smooth. Remove from heat.
  3. Drop a frozen banana piece into the hot chocolate/peanut butter mixture. Using two spoons coat the piece in chocolate (be as neat or messy as you want) and place on the baking sheet. Take a peanut or two and place on top. 
  4. Continue until the chocolate mixture is finished. Sometimes I need to reheat the chocolate near the end to make it more spreadable. Place chocolate covered bananas in the freezer and freeze for about an hour. Remove from sheet and place in a freezer safe container and store in your freezer. 
  5. Store any unused banana pieces in your freezer as well. These you can use for smoothies, ice cream or baking at a later time.