Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beer of the Month - Black Boss Porter

Black Boss Porter *must be drunk from an over sized goblet
I finally convinced the hubby that we should check out World Market. I wanted to go there to check out the bake ware, cooking tools, clearance stemware and gourmet foods and spices. Because I don't have a car I usually tag on my big box store shops to one of his trips to Home Depot because in Bend all those stores are next door to each other. So he did his Home Depot thing, I did my Target thing and we met at World Market. I walked in and thought "this is nice" and made my way over to all the baking sheets. Shawn followed me around, convincing me to buy some silicone bake ware, a glass plate for food photography, then he saw it....the glassware. He really has a thing for stemware/glasses. We have boxes of different glasses in storage so we can easily replace any of our currently displayed glasses that break. He also has his rare 'special glasses' that have their own shelf and are off limits unless his gives his permission.

In addition to the glassware he discovered the beer and at that moment I knew that we'd be in here for a while so I left him to go meander through the spice aisle. We left with 7 different beers, 2 specialty beer glasses - two of each (pilsner and schooner style), a jar of cardamom, 12 silicone muffin liners, a glass plate and 2 silicone egg poaching pods - love those things! The total was $51.29...not to shabby - but hey, it's all for the blog right? Charge it to my expense account!

Anyways lets focus on the beer, the reason you are reading this post.

One of the beers we picked up was a bottle of Black Boss Porter. This is a Polish beer, brewed and bottled in Witnica Poland since 1848. It has a high alcohol content of 9.4%!! Whoopee!

Tasting Notes:

1st sip: The first sip is a burst of flavor. It overwhelmed my taste buds to the point that I couldn't distinguish anything right away.

Sip 2 & 3: By the second and third swallow you can tell this is a fantastic, easy drinking beer.

Flavors: Sweet caramel, hops are light but present with a slightly bitter aftertaste that mellows out as you drink. Light drinking porter very reminiscent of a New Zealand Black Mac.

Colour: Deep rich caramel.

Cost: $1.99 USD

Shawn's notes: "This beer must be drunk from an over sized goblet in order to experience the true potential of this beer *see picture. Also, pick up a 6 pack as this a Porter that the ladies will enjoy drinking along side the guys."

Final Word: This is a fabulous beer! This is the first Porter that I really enjoyed drinking. We will be buying more of this! 5/5!!

Black Boss Porter