Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caramel Fail!

Failed caramels - they photograph well but are hard, brittle and oozed butter for 12 hours.
I haven't posted very much this month. I was away for the 1st week of August but other than that I've been home and cooking everyday like usual. I think the reason I haven't been posting frequently is because a lot of the recipes I've tried or have been working on myself have failed. Some have failed more miserably than others but overall August has been pretty brutal so far.

So far this month I've failed at a cake, batch of cupcakes, and caramel. Whenever I put myself out there to try something new and I succeed, I get all pumped and want to try something new again. When I fail, I instantly scrub all the bakeware/pots/pans of evidence of this failure. I then lay on the couch and watch garbage TV like the Real Housewives of New Jersey and then proceed to only make tried, tested and true recipes for the next week. So success = one step forward and failure = 7 steps back. Now that's a recipe for a neglected blog. I knew I needed to break this pattern.

So the day after my cupcake fail I decided to be adventurous and try a recipe for caramel I've had bookmarked for ages. This recipe ended up being my most epic fail yet. Sunken cakes can't compare to the disaster that occurs when your sugar separates from the butter when making caramel or toffee.  I haven't yet decided what to do with these little buggers. It kills me that I've wasted 2 sticks of butter when butter is so expensive these days! But lo and behold I did not lay on the couch and watch 40-year old moms duke it out or watch Bruce Jenner be Bruce Jenner...I scrubbed the pots clean of the failure and sat down at my desk to write this post. I don't think I'll be baking tomorrow (today) but at least I've posted. 

Hmmm...I think that I'll drain off the excess butter and crush up the remaining 'toffee' to use in cookies.  I'm thinking clearly again...I think my butter-wastage-rage has subsided   ;-)

**Update: Shawn loves them and has eaten 2 so far. Lol!