Friday, September 16, 2011

Blueberry Wheat Ale - Kennebunkport Brewing Co.

KBC Blueberry Wheat Ale
Mmmmm... yes a blueberry wheat ale. This will be one of the last summery beer posts that I do until spring. Yesterday I wrote of still having warm weather and the imminent approach of autumn. Well today it arrived! The weather is cool and it's supposed to FREEZE tonight! Oh the joys of living in a high altitude desert!

In anticipation of smooth dark porters, rich stouts, and pumpkin ales drunk by the fire I'm saying farewell to summer with a review of Kennebunkport's Blueberry Wheat Ale.

Kennebunkport Brewing Company is located in on the east coast in Maine. A 6 pack of this beer costs $5.99 at Trader Joe's.

Blueberry Wheat Ale
from Kennebunkport Brewing Company

-Tasting Notes-

KBC Blueberry Wheat Ale
Aroma: The aroma of this beer is strong. You can smell blueberries as soon as you pry the bottle cap off.

Colour: Bright amber yellow with a white head.

Taste: Crisp, light hops, refreshing. The taste is fresh, slightly sweet blueberries, not sour at all.

Aftertaste: Blueberry muffin! Literally! After a few sips of this beer the barley malts mix with the blueberry and it tastes like you just ate a blueberry muffin!

Notes: This beer is excellent for sipping on its own or paired with dessert or baked goods (like my blueberry muffins). It would also pair nicely with berry or citrus infused seafood. I finished a whole bottle of this and that rarely occurs; I'm more of a half-a-pint girl. However, this beer is more carbonated than I would like. It's really bubbly! Some people like that but I don't.

Score: 4/5 - less carbonation and this would be perfect! (For me)