Friday, October 21, 2011

Barefoot Merlot

Barefoot Merlot Review
In the next couple of months are you hosting a party, partaking in a girls get together, or going on vacation? If you answered yes to any part of this question then you will be needing wine, and lots of it. Good thing I've discovered a great, budget wine that suits most tastebuds.

That wine is Barefoot's Merlot. 

Yes, I know it's Merlot and I don't usually like Merlot but I love this one. It's not too fruity or floral or acidic or sweet. It pairs well with all foods and as I stated before, pairs well with most people. Out of all the Barefoot varietals I believe this wine to be generally the most easy drinking and neutral. When you open the bottle it doesn't scream Merlot but instead you get a hint of red berries, a slight sweetness from blackberries and it finishes with a little bit of tart to neutralize the sweet. 

This wine also comes in those GIANT bottles, come know the ones I'm talking about ;-)

So I, Kaitlyn McFadden, the wine snob and Merlot hater, like this wine. It doesn't knock my socks off with its depth, distinct aroma, and multiple layers of flavor. But I can feel good about serving this to guests, bringing it to a party or sipping it alone in the evening. 

I know you will too! 

Score: 80% for varietal
Score: 90% for general appeal and drinkability

Barefoot Merlot Review