Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black Toad - Beer of the Month

Black Toad - Distinctive Dark Ale
On a recent trip to Trader Joes we ended up coming back with a 6 pack of Black Toad Beer. It's another brew from Joseph Brau Brewing in San Jose California; my review of their Stockyard Oatmeal Stout can be found here.

Just like their Oatmeal Stout we picked up a pack because they were such a great deal. $5.99 for 6 ends up being a dollar a beer! Great for people on a budget like us who also love to try new things in the beer/wine department.

So what did we think?

Black Toad - Distinctive Dark Ale 
from Joseph Brau Brewing Company

-Tasting Notes-

Colour: A mahogany/chestnut brown. Translucent - some light gets through, not quite opaque.

Taste: Roasted malt - kind of like baked bread, nutty flavour, hoppy, caramel notes. Could taste a hint of either chocolate or perhaps coffee.

Overall: For a dark beer, this one is not very heavy. It has moderate to low carbonation which we like. This beer is great value for the money. It's a good dark/brown ale with an English influence but it's not the best we've tasted. We enjoyed drinking it by the fire while snacking on some fresh baked bread.

Score: 3.6/5